Pocatello Vinyl Fence Contractor

Buetts Fence is the most used, vinyl fence contractor in Pocatello/Chubbuck.  Vinyl fencing also known as PVC fencing, is durable yet elegant. Virtually maintenance-free, vinyl is impervious to weather, so it will not chip, fade, crack or rot. It never needs painting, allowing you to enjoy its classical appearance year after year. Our PVC fencing is designed to beautify and enhance the value of your property. Buetts Fence offers the highest quality of materials. Buetts Fence vinyl gates have 2’’ steel frames instead of vinyl rail frames. Buetts Fence inserts steel post inside the hanging gate post and then fills the inside of the gate post to ground level with concrete!





Ranch Rail – Horse Fencing


Horse Fencing

2 Rail


Horse Fencing

3 Rail


Horse Fencing

4 Rail