Buetts Fence – Pocatello Fence Contractor

Are you from Pocatello?

Yes, our company is from Pocatello and we serve the southeastern Idaho Area.

How long have you been in business?

Buetts Fence started in 1940 with 4 employees. We moved our business in 1997. We now have over 20 employees who make our company what it is today. Our company has grown to become one of the largest vinyl fence companies in the South East Idaho. Product representatives from across the nation remark that Buetts Fence is one of the nicest and best paying fence facilities in the nation.

Do you sell and install only vinyl fence?

We sell and install wood, chain link, and wrought iron fence. We also do repairs and pretty much everything pertaining to fencing.

Do you have your own crews?

We do have our own internal crews. The people we hire are highly skilled and dedicated to their jobs, they make sure your project is built to last.

Do you guarantee your installation?

Our fences are guaranteed for one year. Manufactures offer lifetime warranties on their products but you do have to go through them for manufacture warranty issues.

Who do I contact if I need something repaired?

You can contact Le Buetts at our Pocatello Location to schedule a repair. Normally repairs are addressed within one to five working days. Refer to the contact page for information.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, oursales staff will visit homes within an 80-mile radius. After meeting with the customer to discuss the project, they prepare a written estimate. Those estimates are returned to the customer during the visit or within one to five working days depending on the type of project. This service is free of charge.

Do you have a showroom?

At this time we do not have a show room. Our website is full of jobs we have completed so it will give a general idea of what we offer. When you meet with a sales person he will show you different products we offer.

Can I just purchase materials from you?

Certainly! Our trained sales staff can provide valuable installation information for your project. Virtually everyone on the sales staff started as an installer. We will even custom cut fence panels or other items to meet your specific needs. Typically we do not build your vinyl gate until you have set your posts. This insures the gate will fit the opening.

Purchase Material Only

If you would like to purchase vinyl fence at whole sale cost click here or call Adam Buetts @ 208-521-3255

Do you deliver?

Yes. We have several delivery trucks and we will deliver for a small fee.

After I select you, how long before you start?

Our sales rep will give you an estimated date once we have your approval. It will typically take one to four weeks before we start your job. From March to October, all of our crews may be booked out for four weeks or longer. From November through February, the crews are typically out one to two weeks, however, weather during this period can affect start and completion dates.


How durable is vinyl fence?

Our vinyl fence products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Solid privacy fence, per manufacturers design, is able to withstand winds of 75 miles per hour.

Do you use concrete to set your posts?

YES! We will use between 100 and 150 pounds of concrete per post. In addition, our posts are ‘wet’ set with concrete outside the post to provide the most secure post set. We also fill the center of the post with dirt to ensure frost upheaval.

What is inside the vinyl?

Vinyl posts are hollow and they will flex to a small degree. They have greater flex and memory capability than wood. Gate posts are reinforced with a 14 gauge galvanized steel insert to eliminate any flex.

What colors are available?

White and sand are the primary colors. However gray and khaki colors are also available.

Does vinyl get brittle when it’s cold?

The product contains impact modifiers to protect against cold temperatures. Our crews have installed when temperatures were below zero.

Does it degrade in the sun?

Titanium dioxide is mixed into the compound to minimize the effects of the sun. TIO2 is the active ingredient in sunscreen. By co-extruding the product the manufacturer insures the highest density of the product on the outer layer where it is needed the most.

What is co-extrusion?

Co-extrusion brings two layers of vinyl material together at extreme heat. This process provides a molecular bond between the inner and outer layer. It allows the manufacturer to concentrate certain chemicals where they are needed the most.